The 3 Principles of Designing a Soulful Home


In the grocery store checkout line, we are inundated with magazine covers proclaiming the newest colour of the year, the latest design trends, and tips for updating your home. It’s difficult to resist the urge to follow the trends and ensure we keep up.⁣

The problem is, it leaves most of us constantly comparing ourselves and feeling less than. This is so much pressure. ⁣Instead, I believe designing our homes should feel simple, fun and creative. After all, it’s a place we want to feel truly loved and known.⁣ We all deserve a soulful home. 

What is a Soulful Home?

A soulful home is intentional, inviting, and one that genuinely reflects you. And, believe it or not, the impact of a personalized and collected space goes far beyond the aesthetics. It becomes a safe haven that evokes happiness, displays cherished memories, and enhances your life. Today, I’m sharing the principles involved in crafting a soulful home with you at its heart.


1. Intentionally Incorporate Meaningful Items

In the era of viral marketing and mass production, every home is beginning to have the same look. Instead of getting swept up in trends, take time to make thoughtful, meaningful selections. What inspires you? What brings a smile to your face or a joyous memory to your heart?

For example, local artwork, one-of-a-kind furnishings, and items you have collected during your travels are often meaningful ways to infuse your space with personality. These pieces tend to be accompanied by a unique story, giving your home new depth and cocooning you in joy and beautiful memories. Even better? When your home is personal, it never goes out of style.

Our client loves this parrot pillow, so we designed her entire window bench around it!

2. Replace Self-Judgement with Authenticity

It is essential to create spaces that reflect your current self, but sometimes it’s hard to let go of items that used to be important to you. Instead of feeling obligated to keep items that no longer hold meaning, release the guilt and let go of the things that no longer serve you — without judgement.

The same is true for items that may have been gifted to you, especially family pieces that were passed down. Believe me, I know as well as anyone how difficult it is to part with something that I don’t really like but that was given to me by a cherished friend or family member. It has a memory and story to it, even if the piece itself doesn’t bring me joy.

In my experience, these pieces do more to weigh on us than help us love our homes, so here’s what I suggest instead. Find another way — one that feels more authentic to you — to bring that beloved person into your home. Maybe it’s framed photos of the two of you, art from a destination you visited together, or even a beautiful photo book as a coffee table or shelf decor that celebrates your relationship. 

The choice is yours, but I can tell you from experience, clearing out items that hold unwanted energy will create room for the things that do spark enlightenment and inspiration. This practice is an essential step in letting go and moving forward to craft a soulful home.


3. Give Yourself Time, Space & Freedom

I’ve found — personally and professionally — that perfectionism and self-imposed expectations can often hold people back from crafting a home they love. If you have an idealized vision for your home, it is likely that one of two things may happen:

One, you may feel so intimidated by this perfect vision that you never start bringing it to life. Or two, you may feel discouraged when your interiors don’t come together the same way you pictured, or as quickly as you imagined. Both of these can be detrimental hurdles that prevent you from achieving a space you genuinely love. 

Instead, I invite you and urge you to give yourself time, space, and the freedom to experiment without expectations. After all, a collected home takes time — it’s right there in the name. If you need guidance, I’m here for you.

A bright and collected entryway displaying our clients’ favourite treasures.

Start Loving Your Home

Whether you live in a rented condo or your forever home, you can absolutely begin your journey toward curating a soulful home. To help, download my complimentary Collected Home Style Guide below. It is filled with valuable tips and supportive advice to get you started.

If you need additional help, reach out to me here. I would love to guide you in curating a home that becomes the most soulful representation of who you are and what matters to you most. 


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