Interior Design Ideas Inspired by Fall Fashion Trends


The carefree days of summer are fading away as autumn emerges with intention: an abundance of warm-toned hues dot familiar landscapes, nostalgic scents of cinnamon and pumpkin encourage us to linger longer, and crisp mornings have us reaching for cozy sweaters and knits. In fact, this time of year might just be my favourite.

As I’ve started to trade casual summer garments for thicker, more textured pieces, I can’t help but notice how fashion mimics the way we dress our homes throughout the year. And autumn, in particular, has so much to love.

This month, I’m excited to share some design inspiration taken from fall fashion trends. Each is paired with several tips that you can easily make your own. Follow along, and get ready for you and your entire household to “fall” in love with your home this season.

Trend #1: Layers for Warmth & Comfort


Fall fashion is all about cozy layers, like shirts and coats, scarves and caps, long socks and stylish boots. Whether the look is sophisticated or casual, it always looks warm. In our homes, layering is a great way to add a similar feeling of warmth and coziness. Of course, finding that perfect balance is the challenging part. How much is just right? Here’s what I suggest:

1. Start with an area rug. Think of this as your base layer to ground and visually define the space. As you can see in the living room below, we selected a rug with rich colours and a timeless pattern. It creates a visual border, and the rest of the living space is layered on top of it.


2. Consider your larger pieces of furniture next. Layer sofas, chairs, and tables around a focal point, such as a fireplace, TV, or a window with an incredible view. We designed the room above with a special purpose — for our clients to curl up in front of the roaring fire or enjoy a conversation with family and friends. 

3. Décor and personal items become your third layer. This is the fun part, much like building an outfit with jewelry, scarves, and shoes. Consider pops of colour, statement pieces, and accessories that really shine a light on your unique style and bring in autumnal hues, textures, and materials (more on that below).

4. Add the three-dimensional aspects of your space. What does that mean? These are the elements that “stick out” of the ceilings or walls. They could include lighting, artwork, draperies, and wall coverings. Done well, these items can make a space feel larger, more intimate, or visually softer. 

Trend #2: Natural Tones & Textures


Earth tones are a yearly classic in the outdoors, fall wardrobes, and in our homes. If you think natural tones are boring, just look out your window to find the hues that feel most inspiring to you: rich umber, spicy cinnamon, golden ochre, deep coffee brown, or creamy neutrals. 

1. Paint should be a backdrop. Paint all of the walls and trim in one neutral tone with the ceilings in a lighter white to coordinate. This allows the colour to become an unassuming backdrop that highlights your furnishings, decor, and artwork.

2. Infuse fashion-inspired textures into the space. If furnishings are your next layer, incorporating these in natural textures will instantly create a home that feels at ease. Fashion-inspired textures, like lush velvet and cashmere, can elevate a more formal room, while thick linens will create a clean, relaxed feel. I also love menswear-inspired fabrics for fall — such as tweeds and plaids.

3. Add natural materials for an earthy look. When you layer in the decor, look for more natural elements to take center stage, such as wool, faux fur, weathered wood, or even clippings from the outdoors. I’ve also seen faux fur popping up in unexpected places, like lamp shades and furnishings.

Trend #3: Contrast for Visual Impact


Recently, I’ve become very intentional about what goes in my closet. My goal? To pare down my base wardrobe to fewer, high-quality, versatile pieces. Then, I take a more creative approach with accessories, choosing fun and perhaps more trendy or seasonal items each spring and fall. Here are a few tricks of the trade: 

1. Start with clean and classic silhouettes. In the world of interior design, we are still seeing a preference for simple, classic, and clean silhouettes. Accessories are moving into the foreground as statement pieces. To add pop, consider funky, oversized light fixtures or contrasting colours.

2. Embrace the shine. This fall, shine is back in style! Who knew? This is the year for metallics, and if you ask me, they always have a place in our homes; how much shine is personal preference. To bring shine into your own home, try sleek metal finishes, high-gloss tile, polished marble countertops, or keep it easy with mirrors. If you’re thinking, “Wait, what about natural materials?” — that brings me to my next point…

3. Create visual contrast. Contrast naturally stands out to our eyes and makes things interesting, but again, it’s a balancing act best used in moderation. You could try pairing those shiny polished metallics with rough hewn wood, pair chunky knits with smooth leather, pair lush velvet with more organic tweed, etc.

4. Choose one element to add the wow factor. Introducing a large or unexpected piece into your home is a great way to bring the wow factor to a space, especially if you have a muted palette. In fashion, this might be an oversized scarf, hat, or knee-high boots. In your home, you could consider an art installation, an oversized light fixture, or a dramatic feature wall. The choice is yours.

victoria-bc-lorri-mccrackin-interior designer-curate-fall-fashion-decor-fur-fabrics

That’s it for now, but I hope these tips inspire you to embrace the beauty of the season ahead and incorporate a few fall-inspired design elements into your own home decor. If you’d like help bringing these ideas to life — and making sure they feel just right for you all year long — I’m just a phone call away. 

Reach out to book a complimentary Discovery Call here, and let’s connect.

See you next month,

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