Design & Lifestyle Trends for 2022


As we enter 2022, the design and lifestyle trends I’m noticing are a true reflection of all we have been through over the last two years. We have experienced so many changes, varying degrees of hardship, and weeks, months, and now years of uncertainty.

However, the 5 trends—or more accurately, shifts—in how we use our homes feel like silver linings for a hopeful future. They reveal a deeper understanding of ourselves, our values, and our passions. They show an increased desire for face-to-face connection, which I find refreshing in a world where technology continues to replace human interaction. Above all, these shifts reveal a greater collective awareness of our environment and our place in it.

I feel optimistic…even a little relieved. But I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Here are the 5 design and lifestyle trends to keep an eye on, embrace, and enjoy in 2022…


Trend 1: A Focus on “Elevated Casual” 

This trend applies to both interiors and fashion. Elevated loungewear is the new wardrobe staple, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Lounging around the home in aged sweatpants might feel cozy to your body, but it can make your mind feel sluggish and unmotivated. If you’re wearing my favourite Hudson Cashmere Jogger Set set or an oversized sweater and stretchy trousers, everyday loungewear feels stylish and uplifting instead, without sacrificing comfort.

When it comes to homes, many of us are now looking for high-end comfort and quality as well, and the same concept applies: a home that feels comfortable but is visibly wearing the years isn’t going to inspire you. It’s going to feel tired. When comfort meets the elevated style you love, your home will give your heart those happy vibes, and now you’re in an environment where you can thrive.
As a designer, I have plenty of to-the-trade resources that specialize in elevated yet casual custom furnishings. However, if you’re shopping on your own, I personally love this Upholstered Sofa from Pottery Barn. It’s a great, well-made piece you can enjoy with your family, a glass of wine, and a good book…or all three.

Trend 2: Gatherings at Home vs. Going Out

Prioritizing connection with friends and family is always important, but especially after being separated for so long. These days, due to safety measures, people are mingling in smaller gatherings and hosting others in their homes instead of going out. 
These gatherings can be casual, but I’m also seeing them become, well…more. I’ve seen friends  hire a local florist or decorator to style their table for elegant evenings. I personally  hired a private chef for a dinner party with friends, and was able to just enjoy the company of others without the stress of cooking. And when it comes to renovations, they are becoming more focused on the home’s public areas: kitchens and dining rooms, living rooms and outdoor patios.


If you have been considering hosting a special occasion and pulling out all the stops, what’s holding you back?

Trend 3: Shades of Green 

Green has always been a popular colour, but it has really taken over lately as the preferred choice for interiors and decor. Although most of my clients still favour light or white walls, they love greens for accents, tile, furniture, and decor. 

If you think about it, it’s not all that surprising. Color psychology tells us that shades of green have been associated with feelings of growth, rest, renewal, and security—and who doesn’t want that in our uncertain world? Bringing green into your home can create a safe oasis where you can recharge and from your busy life.

source unknown

If you’re not sure how to use the colour green at home, you’re not alone. I would start with how you want to feel. When green leans more towards the  yellow end of the spectrum, it feels optimistic and youthful. When the green leans more blue, it feels secure and stable. I have noticed more people gravitating towards saturated greens, like deep olive or rich emerald, but it’s 100% a personal choice.

If you’re considering a larger new build, renovation, or home furnishings project, reach out to me. We can make a plan for using colour in strategic ways to inspire the feelings you want from your home. In the meantime, a low-commitment way to test out the colour green in your home is to add live, easy-care plants. Or faux plants, if your green thumb is a concern. 

Trend 4: Light Wood Tones & Natural Materials

Although lighter wood tones have been trending for a while, I predict that we will see them continue in 2022 and beyond. Not only do these natural elements make us feel safer and more protected (a remnant of our hunter-gatherer days?), with the shift to bright interiors, lighter wood is a great design tool.

From our Family Heritage Home

How? A few accents of light wood can warm up all-white spaces, or choose light wood for the entire space, like the kitchen above, for a light (not white) space that feels fresh, inviting, and up-to-date. Lighter tones can also be expressed through certain textures, so be on the lookout for wicker, woven, and cane elements, as well.

Trend 5: Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Homes

The past year has brought so much more attention to climate change and our impact on the environment. We are all striving to find ways to adjust our lives to be more conscious of our footprint, ideally without a major change to our quality of life. Here are some great ways I am seeing homeowners making eco-friendly and sustainable choices in their interiors and decor…

  • Buy locally produced materials and furniture to avoid shipping and transportation costs.
  • Look for eco-friendly materials such as recycled wood, metals, or glass. 
  • Add elements to kitchen design like recycling centres, compost areas, and efficient appliances.
  • Reuse parts of your home in other places when renovating (see below for an example!)
  • Grow a garden or container garden at home for vegetables and herbs. 
  • Pay close attention to textiles and furniture selections. Look for fair trade and responsible production practices.
  • Buy fewer products with higher quality so they won’t need constant replacement.
We reused a beam from our client’s living room as a countertop in their powder room — and it looks naturally beautiful!

Well, there you have it. 5 design trends, I mean shifts, along with why they have emerged and how you can embrace them. I believe the best interior designs allow you to tell your story and live your most fulfilling life. If these design and lifestyle shifts feel aligned with what you want from your home, great. If not, that’s okay, too. Your home is about what makes you happy. 

If you would like help discovering and creating your dream spaces—whether you’re building new, downsizing, or renovating—reach out and let’s chat. I’d love to hear about your goals and discuss ways I can help you bring them to life this year.



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