5 Ways to Turn Your Master Bedroom into a Sanctuary


Would it surprise you to hear that master bedrooms are often the last place homeowners spend their decorating dollars? Experience has taught me this is true, and I think I know why…

Many of us feel a little selfish spending money in a room that only we will see. Kitchens and living rooms? The whole family enjoys them. Bathrooms? Same. Even guest bedrooms are likely to get an upgrade before a master. 

However, your master bedroom is so much more important than you think. Your bedroom is where you start and finish each day. It’s where you get a good night’s sleep (one-third of your life), where you relax and wind down, or where you can take a respite from life’s daily demands. It’s also what prepares you for the next day, including the things you will do, the people you will interact with, and the energy you bring to the world around you. 

If you think about it that way, creating a master bedroom that supports the best version of you isn’t so selfish, after all. And making yours both restorative and comforting isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Today, I’m sharing 5 ways to turn your master bedroom into your sanctuary. Come take a look…


1. Invest in High Quality Bed Linens

Experts estimate that most of us spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. I firmly believe that if one-third of your life is as restorative and comfortable as it can be, the other two-thirds of your life will benefit, too. Good sleep can usually be credited to your mattress, sheets, pillows, and duvets. I also suggest choosing a colour palette that you find soothing.

My Best Recommendation for Sheets

Most people think a higher thread count is better, but the quality and length of the cotton fibers are actually more important. However, if you want to skip the research, here’s my go-to recommendation to clients: 400-thread count Egyptian cotton.

Duvet Tips

I personally prefer a summer weight duvet all year-round, since you can easily layer blankets over it during the winter. For duvet covers, I am always drawn to the breathable, informal feel of Belgian linen. You can also never go wrong with the crisp, cool feeling of a percale cotton cover. Although linen is an investment, it gets better the more you wash it! (You do have to be okay with a few wrinkles, though…)

Versatile Coverlets, Blankets & Pillows 

Coverlets, blankets, and pillows are inexpensive ways to change the look of your bedding for the seasons, or when you need a visual refresh. They are also a great way to add texture and a defined aesthetic to your bedroom. A neutral base with pops of colour that you can alter at will keeps your bedroom design versatile and interesting.


 2. Create a Cozy Bedroom with an Area Rug

If you have hardwood in your bedroom, an area rug is essential to anchor your bed and create a soft focal point. On a cool morning, stepping out of bed and onto a plush rug is a great way to start the day. Your toes will thank you!

Just make sure you get the right size rug for your room. Buying a rug that is too small for the size of your bed is a common mistake. In general, if you have a queen bed, you will want an 8×10′ rug. For a king bed, you will want 9×12′, and be sure to place the rug in front of your nightstands.

3. Consider Your Window Coverings

There are 2 types of window coverings to consider for your bedroom: blinds and drapery. Each has a different yet important function, and both are great ways to create a private and comfortable sanctuary. Which is right for your master bedroom?


Blinds are great for…

  • Privacy. Of course.
  • Room darkening. Decide if you need complete darkness to sleep or just light dimming.
  • Motorization. This is our favourite option for the bedroom, since you can operate them with a remote or wall switch by the bed, and they can also be programmed to open/close on a timer. Imagine waking gently to the soft light of the morning sun instead of a harsh alarm… which is going to result in a happier day? My vote is for the sunshine.

We recommend Hunter Douglas for beautiful and high-quality window blinds.


Curtains can make a huge statement in a bedroom. In addition to creating darkness or adding privacy, the fabric always softens and “finishes” the room beautifully — even decorative side panels. They can also help a room appear taller and more spacious, and they add a sense of comfortable, livable elegance.

This is one area that I highly recommend splurging on. For fabric options, I love the simple, informal feel of linen, as well as the luxurious feel of velvet. It all depends on your taste and the style of your room.


4. Layer Beautiful, Functional Lighting

When it comes to lighting any space, a layered approach is the best way to ensure that the space can be adequately lit at various times during the day.

For overhead lighting: Choose a beautiful central fixture or pot lights to adequately illuminate your room. You may not use these lights as often, but it’s important for cleaning the room and getting dressed. I always suggest a dimmer for these, which is a great way to create an ambiance or wind down before bed.For task lighting: Then, select task lighting for reading in bed or seeing the items on your nightstand. These are often table lamps but can also be wall sconces or pendants. Task lighting should be a softer ambient light where the switch can be easily accessed from the bed.


5. Add Cozy Seating

If there is space, I highly recommend having a quiet corner for a place to curl up with your journal or a good book. Make sure the seat is comfortable, and even better, large enough to pull your feet up on. You’ll probably also want a small table to set down your beverage of choice. Then, add a throw blanket, a toss cushion, and good lighting. 

As for the decor, this is your personal sanctuary, so get creative with this area. What makes you feel cozy and relaxed? Hang your favourite artwork next to it, put a small speaker nearby, anchor it with a small round rug or sheepskin — whatever you love.


The honorable mention on this list goes to mattress selection Although it’s not a decorative element, it will absolutely affect the quality of your sleep and the energy you have the next day!

In my opinion, if you’re looking for the best quality mattress check out Hästens. Hästens hand-makes an outstanding product you could literally pass down to the next generation. But what I really love is that they are “driven by a passion for sleep and the benefit it brings to body and soul.” Substitute “sleep” for “design”, and that’s a mission we share.

If you would like some support turning your bedroom into a luxurious sanctuary, I would love to help. No judgment. No need to feel guilty for pampering yourself. Just a design guide who will help you create your haven. Feel free to book call with me and let’s get to know each other.



Maker Spotlight: Tofino Towel Co. 

I was recently searching for a duvet cover set for my guest bedroom and was on the lookout for one in linen. I discovered Tofino Towel Co., and it was a perfect match. Not only did they have what I was looking for, but I was immediately taken by their mission of working with fair trade artisans from around the globe. Each of their products is high-quality and designed to support several purposes — which limits the need to own more. Brilliant!


I love every opportunity to “vote” with my dollars and choose sustainably. And… I absolutely love my new grey linen bedding sold just up the island from me.

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