How Mentorship Has Been Essential to My Success


Have you ever felt like everyone else has it all together? Or like others naturally have all the answers to life and business while you’re left clueless, struggling to figure it out on your own? If so, you’re not alone. I have felt this way, too, especially when it has come to entrepreneurship.

Running a business can be a lonely journey at times, but it’s even harder when you imagine that everyone else is just more intelligent, more financially wise, or more experienced. I remember feeling this way in the past, and it was very isolating. But it doesn’t have to stay that way forever.

Ten years ago, I made the pivotal decision to hire a mentor and join a group of like-minded entrepreneurs for my first mastermind group, and it was the best decision.

Since then, I’ve met with mastermind groups and 1:1 mentors all over the world. I’ve traveled to Dublin, Sedona, Santa Monica, Boulder, and beyond to meet people in a nurturing, community environment that helps me grow. 

As a result, I no longer feel alone and my new mindset has elevated my business, my success, and my overall happiness with life — and it feels great. (I’ve even paid it forward by welcoming my own mentees!)

So, why am I telling you all of this? 

I’ve found that mentoring is a lot like interior design. It’s about creating a safe space to belong, feel supported, and embrace that part of yourself that is quintessentially you. It can be powerful, liberating, and inspiring. 

If you have been considering mentorship, I want to help support your journey by sharing my own experience, insights, advice, and some news…

  • How has working with mentors impacted my business and life?
  • What’s the difference between group coaching and 1:1 mentorship?
  • What should you look for in a mastermind group or 1:1 coach?
  • How do I mentor fellow entrepreneurs?

Come take a look… 

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How Mentorship & Coaching Impacted Me

As a business owner, mentorship is a combination of personal and business growth. If you’ve been in business for any period of time, you may have noticed that the difficulties we experience in business are usually like a mirror, showing us what we could be doing better, in general.

Fortunately, working on one helps with the other. Doing this work can shift your thinking and contribute equally to your personal and business success. How exactly did mentorship help me?

  • I became crystal clear on what I want in my life 
  • I identified my greatest area of growth potential
  • I developed new skills to help take action on my goals
  • I developed the courage to take action on my goals
  • I have a community and cheering squad as invested in my success as I was
  • I have accountability if/when I might veer off course
  • I have the means and support of getting to my goals 10x faster than I could alone

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more that mentoring has done for me with respect to the way I show up in my day-to-day life, how I connect with others, and the ways I show compassion to myself. It has been life-changing in the very best of ways.


Group Coaching vs. 1:1 Mentorship

Which is right for you? A group setting? 1 on 1? Here’s what I’ve seen from each:

Group Coaching or Group Masterminds Are Great For:

  • Finding a community of like-minded people (especially if you’re a new business owner)
  • General training on a wide variety of topics
  • Varied experiences, skill sets, and networking
  • Valuable group discussions and different perspectives
  • Often a lower monthly price

1:1 Mentorship or Coaching Are Great For:

  • More focused attention on your specific business and life 
  • Detailed action plans and follows up
  • 1:1 accountability and training that’s specific to your needs
  • Quicker results
  • Higher cost/VIP service

What to Look for in a Mentorship Group or Coach

Opening up to a mentor or mentorship group requires a measure of trust, vulnerability, and at times, confidentiality. As such, you will want to ensure that your mentorship experience feels like a safe space where you will be supported in your growth. To help, here’s what I suggest looking for:

1. Willingness to be open, honest, and vulnerable. How does the group or coach interact? What is member privacy like? Does it feel like an environment you connect with or does it feel a little salesy? (There are a lot of those.) Look for a safe space where you trust the people you are confiding in and where they reciprocate.

2. Individuals who are where you want to be and can teach you how they got there. It is far easier to learn from someone who has already worked through your current challenges. They know how it feels to be in the space you’re in and have unique insights into what it took to grow.

3. An inspiring and positive attitude. Positivity is contagious and can absolutely change your outlook on life and business. Working with someone that is always looking at the bright side will give you that perspective, too. And believe me, when your mind is looking for the good, you’ll find it.

4. A leader who values ongoing learning and growth and has a coach themselves. When you work with a coach who is also working on their growth, you know they value their personal and business development as much as yours. You also have the added benefit of learning from “two” coaches, as wisdom gets passed along!

5. Similar values but different perspectives. Make a list of your core values and compare them to the group or person you’re considering working with. If they match or are similar, your experience will produce much better results. No, you won’t agree on everything (and that’s a good thing) but with aligned values, your relationship will be one of mutual respect, understanding, and connection.

6. A group or leader that will stretch you out of your comfort zone. You are joining the group or mentorship because you want to grow, so look for one that will (gently) nudge you into new territory. You could look for a coach that complements your personality or a group with perspectives from different industries. Whatever you choose, growth can be awkward and uncomfortable, so having a positive attitude (#3) can help with cheering you on along the way.


How Do I Mentor Fellow Entrepreneurs?

Having seen the value firsthand of both group and 1:1 mentorship (plus my 20 years of experience in business), I am passionate about mentoring others — from new interior designers to local entrepreneurs and even some of my clients!

Over the past 4 years, I have been running workshops in my studio for new interior designers, hosting dinners for women entrepreneurs,, running weekend retreats, and mentoring 1:1 and in group settings. This past April,, I co-hosted a group of 15 people through a 4-day personal growth experience. 

If you or someone you know is looking for a mentor, I would be honored to meet you! I currently have 2 openings for 1:1 clients. (Send me an email at

What’s Mentorship Like With Me?

Working with me as your mentor is similar to working with me as a design client. First, we spend quality time defining your goals and coming up with an action plan for reaching them. 

Then, I support you through the process, helping you acquire any new skills you need, holding you accountable where you want to be, and celebrating your success with you! These steps add up to beautiful, value- and goal-aligned progress that will feel incredible. 

Have questions? Ready to give it a try? I’d love to chat with you.


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