More than Meets the Eye: The Long-Term Value of an Interior Designer

You might think an interior designer’s sole job is to create beautiful spaces, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are so many layers to the work we do, from designing a home where you can be yourself, to stretching your budget to its fullest potential, to managing your project every step of the way.

In fact, I would say hiring an interior designer isn’t an expense at all — it’s an investment! One that pays off long into the future. 

How do our talents bring long-term value to your renovation, your forever home, and your quality of life? Let me count the ways…

1. Interiors with Your Personality & Soul

“Wait a second, Lorri. How are interiors with my personality and soul going to save me money?” Great question. Here’s the thing: when you design a home that feels relaxed, meaningful, and inspires a deep sense of belonging, you won’t want to make major changes any time soon. 

Sure, your taste and needs may change as time passes, but these changes won’t be inspired by buyer’s remorse. Better yet, any changes that you do want to make years down the line will likely be cosmetic, not foundational… because we’ve already done it!

For example, let’s say we renovate your kitchen. We learn that you have always loved to cook and entertain, so we design and install a large island with plenty of storage and room for seating. As the years pass, you may feel inspired to change your kitchen’s color palette, or even the backsplash, but I can almost guarantee that the island is there to stay! It’s part of who you are. No major remodel needed. 

A design that is founded on who you are and what you love is never going to go out of style. My superpower is helping you discover what those things are. 

A reimagined historic kitchen, where our clients love to entertain, serve chilled white wine, and feel connected to their guests.

2. Comprehensive Plan for a Smooth Journey

You might be surprised to hear this (ahem, read this), but one of the biggest differences between an interior designer and someone renovating on their own is… the level of planning. 

Before anyone picks up a tool, calls a tradesman, or orders that countertop stone you’ve been eyeing for months, it is essential to create a solid, comprehensive plan. (After all, you wouldn’t start a day-long hiking trip without plotting your course and packing appropriately, would you?)

Remember that kitchen island I mentioned in #1? The planning phase is when we would decide whether or not to prioritise it in your design… and what else may need to happen to make room for it. We fine-tune every aspect of your project’s scope to know who to involve, what to order, and when to coordinate it all for maximum efficiency. 

This expert planning results in:

  • Fewer change orders as your project progresses (the more changes orders, the greater the expense)
  • Fewer delays during the project (time is money!)
  • Less wasted time, money, and resources 
  • A cohesive, finished space or whole home, from aesthetics to function to flow

Our planning phase begins during our 2-hour consultation in your home (called the Design Articulation Phase), where we discuss everything: what’s working, what’s not working, how you live, how you want to live, your style, and more. 

This fun, action-packed meeting helps us express your values and personality in your home and be your trusted guide and advocate once the renovation is underway.

When we get to the presentation phase, you will have an opportunity to touch the fabrics and materials… and begin to fall in love with your new home before the project starts!

3. Budgeting Efficiency that Maximizes Your Investment

Speaking of efficiency, budgeting is a crucial component of project management, especially for higher-investment projects, like renovations. This is where an interior designer is really worth their weight in gold — we help you stretch your investment as far as it can go for your goals. 

This can include:

  • editing and curating your current possessions to decide what will stay and what will go
  • splurging on the items/materials that will bring emotion to your life, impact your everyday experience for the better, or last long into the future
  • saving in places where there is less daily or long-term impact
  • suggesting products, materials, or solutions you might not have considered
  • balancing your overall budget to get as much on your wishlist as possible at the smartest quality level (with thought to labour, construction, furnishings, etc.)

Every project’s budget is different — just like you are different from your neighbour across the street — but with 25 years of experience, I have seen it all! Together, we’ll budget wisely for you.

Our clients are serious about their morning and evening routines. We created a stunning bathroom that helps them enjoy the little moments, unwind, and feel completely at peace.

4. Choices that Factor In Home Value

Speaking of investing wisely, another piece of this puzzle is the value of your home itself. I want you to enjoy every day in your updated home and have the peace of mind that the renovations you made support your long-term home value. 

For example, what level of finishing will future buyers expect at your home’s price point and in your neighbourhood? What design elements are more timeless? What layouts will be most desirable for a home in your area? (E.g. Is it okay to convert one bedroom on the main floor to a large master bathroom and closet?) If you own a heritage home, how can we play up its unique history, value, and charm?

I take pride in looking at every angle of the situation and making sure you know all of the variables. That way, when you make your final decisions (yes, the decisions are all yours!), you will feel confident that they are the right ones for the moment and for the long haul.

Natural wood, an expansive island, and crisp white finishes keep this space feeling grounded yet limitless. Perfect for resale value… and for clients who love to entertain!

5. A Talented Network of Vendors & Trades

Last but not least… what do interior designers bring to your project beyond our experience, smart budgeting, eye for design, and airtight processes? Our extended network.

Imagine looking for trades on your own. A quick online search will serve up dozens and dozens of options. However, how do you know who to trust? Which vendors make their products with quality and integrity? Which trades have the most experience, great work ethic, and a personality that will work well with yours? Google can’t tell you that, but we can.

Part of our project management role is bringing in quality tradespeople to your project. We work with tried-and-true suppliers and contractors we can stand behind, those who use quality materials, have expert workmanship, and uphold the highest standards in our industry.

  • No need to make a thousand phone calls to find the right people
  • Trusted professionals keep your project as on-time and in-budget as possible
  • A job done properly the first time saves long-term
  • Materials and products made with integrity will last much longer than their counterparts (and great vendors means fast, quality customer support if needed)

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but quality pays off!

Wow, who knew interior designers could do all of that, right? And I didn’t even mention the best part… 

When you work with an interior designer, this process (which is typically stressful, time-consuming, and chaotic) becomes enjoyable. You get to sit back, focus on you, and trust that everything is going according to plan. 

Your forever home — the one that makes you feel a deep sense of belonging, wellness, and joy — is just around the corner.

If you’re ready to start your own home renovation or redesign, let’s get to know each other. You can book a complimentary Discovery Call with me here. If you’re not quite ready, but you’re eager to create a curated home, you can download my Guide to Curating Your Most Soulful Home at the bottom of this page. 

See you next month!


Maker Spotlight: Meet Michelle Barkway

Every month, I like to feature a maker from Vancouver Island or nearby who is bringing beauty, creativity, and craftsmanship to our homes and community. 

michelle barkway artist feature victoria canada

Michelle Barkway is a true artist who brings the nature of Victoria to all of her creations. I particularly love Michelle’s “Meet Me Here” collection and the “Coastal Linescapes”.  These are well-priced and a great way for people to start collecting original artwork if they are drawn to them. The simplicity and calm colours make them perfect for relaxing living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Not ready to start your art collection just yet? Follow her on Instagram! You won’t regret it. 

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